Shorewall woes...

Shorewall woes...

Post by Eugene van Rooy » Wed, 02 Jul 2003 21:00:17

Please someone, I am admittently a windoze server user, and am trying
to use shorewall 1.4.2 on RH8, without success, hoping one of you
gurus could help out?

Set up rules, (see below), can ping etc from the firewall to ADSL
Router + net, but not from any other machine in loc zone. I can ping
from a local machine to both the fw inside interface and the ext
interface {testing}, but not to the router (ADSL)... As a matter of
fact no traffic is leaving the fw when coming from loc. Rules &
Policies seem to be OK though. I am lost here, what am I (obviously)


FW eth0= eth1=
Network i.e.

loc-> net = accept
net-> local = drop
any->any = reject
Only rules configured at moment:

ACCEPT Any Any TCP Any 53  
ACCEPT Any Any UDP Any 53    
ACCEPT Zone loc Any ICMP Any
ACCEPT Zone net Firewall ICMP Any
ACCEPT Firewall Any ICMP Any
ACCEPT Zone loc Firewall Any
ACCEPT Firewall Zone loc Any
IP_Forwarding = Yes
Nat_enables = Yes
Looking at the var/log/messages, I can see the UDP req being accepted
by eth0, but no record of what happens with eth1.

*Any* suggestions would be very helpful, really don't want to go back
to my old ways.. :-)



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