TLI or only socket network programming

TLI or only socket network programming

Post by R.Zwickenpfl » Wed, 21 Dec 1994 16:08:59

Is there a chance to compile TLI (transport layer interface) based programs
on linux?
Until now I have only seen the standard socket interface. But most commercial
UNIX systems (at least the SVR4 based systems) see TLI as the favourite for the
next years.

Robert Zwickenpflug


1. TLI & Socket programming

I have a few questions about TLI and Sockets programming:
  where do i look to find the path to the transport provider device that t_open
  in the t_bind structure, where do I specify which port I want to bind to?

*Sockets and TLI*
  is it possible for a single thread to listen on two different sockets/tli
endpoints for connection indications at the same time?  (much like select()
allows you to multiplex read/write calls among several file descriptors)
  other than Stephen Rago's "UNIX System V Network Programming" can someone
suggest a good book on Sockets and/or TLI programming?


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