socket proxy......port forwarding

socket proxy......port forwarding

Post by Slicker aka Yo » Wed, 03 Jan 2001 23:50:10

Hi there,

I like to play RedAlert II in my network at home.
I've got a win95 laptop and a win98 pc connected to a linux (RH6.2) server.
To play RA II on the win98 pc, you have to forward certain ports.
But when you like to play it also on the laptop you have to forward the same
ports and that is impossible.
To get it working on both computers I have to use a "socket proxy" (???).
Can somebody explain this to me? Or give a URL or something?

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1. Problem with proxy, ssh, port forwarding, vnc, via internet

I have it half working, but not fully.  Here's my setup.
Home computer B runs OpenBSD 3.3 and is connected to cable internet.
Home computer L runs Linux ( and accesses the internet via
computer B.
The compters B and L both run vncserver.
Port forwarding & redirecting is set up on computer B so that computer L
can be accessed from the internet.
comp B:5911 <---> comp L:5901
When my laptop connects to the internet via a dial-up modem, I enter the
following in the vncviewer.
The above delivers the vncserver display of computer L.
Entering gives me the vncserver display of
computer B, naturally.
Work computer W runs Windows and is behind a proxy server.  I have PuTTY
setup on computer W to tunnel vnc through ssh. The port forwarding by
PuTTY is as follows.
localhost:4901 <--->
localhost:4911 <--->
When I launch vncviewer on computer W and enter
I get the vncserver display of computer B, as expected.
However, when I enter, I get an error,
instead of the vncserver display of computer L.
The PuTTY Event Log says "Forwarded connection refused by server".
On computer B, the terminal displays
"error: connect_to port 5911 failed".
Any help would be appreciated .  Thanks.

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