Strange problem with Win98 SE and Samba.[seems to be solved?]

Strange problem with Win98 SE and Samba.[seems to be solved?]

Post by Vladimir Zhuro » Thu, 09 Mar 2000 04:00:00


I'm newbie to Linux (but not to Win or Mac OS) and may be my question is
dumb, but I have following problem with Samba:

Samba is runing with "share" level of security and as WINS server.
Win98 SE box can see, connect, map, copy from, delete, but NOT copy TO
Linux box from the very first moment I restart Win box.
Strange thing is that I CAN copy _small_ files (I think up to 50K) from
the very beginning.
Then I found, that if I'll start program on Win box
and "Save as" file on Linux drive, I'll be able to do everything with
files of any size.

Configurations of PCs:

Win98 SE

Samba Server:
RedHat 6.1
Samba 2.0.5

Thank you.

20 minutes later:

Sorry, guys. Everything seems fine now, NO problems at all. Nothing
changed on Linux box (even not touched), restart of Win. The only
difference are files that were left on Linux HDD after first attempts and

So, WTF it was? Anybody can tell?

Vladimir Zhurov


1. cannot solve "Samba-win98 problems" , pls help.

Hi ,
I need help , in solving below problems...
1. linuxpc1 to win98 = ok , using smbmount to mount win98
2. win98 to linuxpc1 = not ok , network neighborhood can see linuxpc1
   but when click , it said 'The Computer or Share name could not be
   found , make sure you type it correctly and try again'

Things that I have tried.
1. ping from both side , win98 client and linuxpc1 both ok
2. test by setting the smb.conf encryp password = yes and create a
   user by using adduser and smbpasswd same as win98
3. also DIAGNOSIS.txt
   - in the test 4  Run the command "smbclient -L BIGSERVER" on the unix box,
     [Q]I don't know whether this is the error ?,
     tdb(null):tdb_open_ex:could not open
               file /var/cache/samba/unexpected.tdb:no such file or
   - in test 5 also the same win98 clien,client can be found but just the
     could not open file /var/cache/samba/unexpected.tdb also !
   - test 7 , smbclient //linuxpc1/tmp work fine , smb>
   - test 8 , failed
     Error 53: The computer name specified in the network path cannot be
     Make sure you are specifying the computer name correctly, or try again
     later when the remote computer is available.

4. others setting
   on win98 , network setting
    -wins server is enable and point to linuxpc1
    -dns is disable ( I enable it before , but seems that after I enable it
     when I ping my linuxpc1 using the name linuxpc1 , it reply with my win98
     ip NOT MY LINUXPC ip. so I disable it
    -windows/host file , I added linuxpc
    -windows/lmhost , no changes

  on linuxpc1 , network setting
     enable wins support
     disable dns proxy
     disable domain master
     disable domain logons
     disable wins proxy
    -share directory set to
     Browseable = yes
    -network ,
       kalmennb001  ,
       linuxpc1     ,
       localhosr    ,
       hostname  =linuxpc1
       <DNS search path>



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