INN - can get and read news but cannot create batchfile for posting to ISP

INN - can get and read news but cannot create batchfile for posting to ISP

Post by Geoff L. Kenne » Mon, 13 Jan 1997 04:00:00

   Hello !!

   I hope I'm in the right newsgroup - I don't see any specifically
related to INN..........

   After a bit of work, I have been able to get inn-1.4sec running
on my 2.0.27 machine.  I have also been able to use the program
"suck" to get news from my ISP (referred to as "myisp"), and I can
read it with "tin", but it seems that I cannot post any articles to
the ISP !

   I have tried posting an article to linux.test, but get this
message after the editor exits:

        File /home/user/.article saved.
        Your article will be posted to the following newsgroup:
        Warning Can't connect to server -- Article will be spooled.

   (linux.test is in my "active" file)

   I expect that, as I am not connected to "myisp" when I am doing
this.  However, I also notice that I *sometimes* a zero-length file
"myisp" in /var/spool/news/out.going.  But that's it, no more.  It's
like my article got "spooled" to /dev/null.....  The article is being
queued in /usr/spool/news/in.coming, as expected.  As soon as rnews
runs, it disappears.

   I can then read it locally, but that's NOT what I want - I want it
to be queued/batched so that I can post it to the ISP at a later time.
My understanding is that the /var/spool/news/out.going/myisp file
should contain the batch information that "rpost" needs.  As I said,
the file gets created, but there is nothing in it.

   Can anyone point me in the right direction ??  I've read through
the (confusing) docs several times now, and am not really any farther
ahead (and getting frustrated !!).  RTFM is not a good answer, I've
done that, many times <tired grin>.  Thanks.

   Oh, yeah....any idea why the file isn't getting deleted
when the system is shut down or rebooted ?


##  hosts.nntp - names and addresses that feed us news

# localhost:


##  inn.conf -- inn configuration data

organization:   I'm so disorganized !!
# server:       news
server: myisp


##  newsfeeds - determine where Usenet articles get sent

##  This is the local site.


## This is for the dial-up ISP.  Exclude posts that were from there
## in the first place.



##  nnrp.access - access file for on-campus NNTP sites

## Default is no access, no way to authentication, and no groups.
*:: -no- : -no- :!*

##  My dial-up ISP, and my local net, no password, can read & post.

localhost:Read Post:::*
myisp:Read Post:::*


##  nntpsend.ctl - Control file for nntpsend.

# Not sure if this is necessary - creates "news.myisp.domain.nntp"
# if enabled.

# myisp:news.myisp.domain::-T1800 -t300

*    Geoff L. Kennedy                **     Located on the WEsT Coast of  *
*    "Kennedy's Space Centre"  8-)   **     Beautiful British Columbia !  *



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