Linux Intranet problems - help needed

Linux Intranet problems - help needed

Post by Juan Rier » Thu, 25 Feb 1999 04:00:00

I have been working on a small Linux based Intranet for some weeks. There is
a Linux box with Apache called 'Log', serving three W95 clients and a NT
server. Everything was OK until this week. I had configured access using
<hosts> file on Windows, and have not setup the DNS access. When clients
connected, the IE showed <Intranet local zone>, as I had configured to
connect to server name <Log> and not to an URL.
But this week the IE clients on W95 and NT are trying to connect through
Internet access (I mean, there is no <Intranet local Zone> message on IE
status bar, but <Internet Zone> instead) and they don't find the Linux
server address <http://log/>
I have Samba installed and it is working OK, the clients can access Linux
directories. On the other side, my network neighborhood searching can find
the <Log> server without problem, so I guess there is a problem with Apache
or network configuration.
The IP addresses are not changed, neither are the configuration files on
Linux or Windows boxes.
Any advice greatly appreciated.



1. Help needed to develop an INTRANET based Database Sytem using Linux

Dear All,

   Following is a brief description of our situvation.

   We are in the very preliminary stage of developing an INTRANET based
   Database System; for our company with 20 Nos Personal Computers
   Running Windows 95. (None of the mcs. are connected to each other)

   We evaluated Intabuilder Pro (By Borland) and Interdev (MS).
   Both of the above products seems to offer many inbuilt features for
   a Rapid development of INTRANET based Information Storing and Retrival

   But the hitch is we need to invest on a Network Server (NT or Novell)
   The management is reluctant to invest on costly SW when better cost
   effective alternatives are available.

   We are thinking of the following alternative.

   Install LINUX as our Network Server and develop our own scripts (CGI?)
   to access, update, & display Information based on INTRANET (Dynamic HTML?).

   The questions are :

   (i) Are there any Rapid application development packages (For developing
       Internet based Database systems) similar to Intrabuilder & Interdev.
       for Linux (Commercial or Free)?
   (ii) If there are no such packages for Linux.
        How difficult is to Link a functional system as follows.
        A Linux file Server (Say L)
        A Database Server mc. running Windows NT Workstation, a Webserver
        (in which resides the Database). (Say W)
        A client mc. running Windows 95. (Say C)
        One need to access (Store/retrieve) data in mc. W from mc. C through
        mc. L.
        The front end for the users to do the above will be HTML pages.
        This way we can still use Intrabuilder or Interdev to devlop the
        Database system and save the cost on a Network server.

   We all are NEW to LINUX and have no prior experience with it except to the
   extent that we have sucessfully (one month back) installed
   (Redhat Version 5.0) in one of the machines.

   Any suggestions/recomendations will be highly appreciated.

   Thanking you all in advance.

A. Selvan

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