IPX (Netware FS) access under Linux

IPX (Netware FS) access under Linux

Post by Borek Lupomesk » Sat, 25 Apr 1998 04:00:00

Quote:> The frame type used by the server is 802.2 though ipx_configure keeps
> guessing Ether II. I changed that manually. No luck, though. FYI, still
> 1.2.13 kernel and a.out w/ pppd 2.2.0. No problems with Win95 but I just
> only want to use Linux... ;-)

   I have got this working sucessfully. In ipx-up script I have
ipx_configure --auto_interface=on --auto_primary=on. It guesses wrong
frame (I think), but it works nevertheless.

   Bye Borek


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