Alternatives to ntop that work on Linux and Windows.

Alternatives to ntop that work on Linux and Windows.

Post by NetworkGuy21 » Sun, 20 Nov 2005 00:00:34

Hello all!

We run a multi-site medium sized business. Up until know we've been
using ntop for basic network analysis using netflow probes. ntop is a
great tool, but it doesn't have the best reporting functionality and is
quite inflexible with what data you get and how you get it.
Anyways, we're migrating away from our Cisco infrastructure and netflow
is no longer going to be an option. Since we would need to make a lot
of changes to our ntop infrastructure anyway, I think now's the time to
move to a more robust solution.

I'm curious if anyone has used nSight Network Intelligence Console
( It's supports Linux and Windows
(which is a requirement for us) and does passive network analysis (like
a sniffer).

We've been messing with it in the lab but I'm curious if anyone has any
real experience with it. Since it stores all this network information
indefinitely, I'm curious about performance if you hold data for more
than a year. It would be great if it still performs well and can
correlate data over the course of a year.

Any advice would be helpful.



1. Getting The Latest ntop (2.1.2) Working

Discovered ntop a couple of weeks ago and love it.  I originally installed
it via the FBSD-specific pkg, but that was 2.0.  I found what appear to be
bugs and was hoping the lastest and greatest mite address these minor

1)  Blew out the tarball to /tmp/ntop
2)  ./configure ; gmake ; gmake install
3)  Add -L -P /var/db/ntop -a /var/db/ntop to the boot time script.
4)  Made /var/db/ntop writable to the world.

While the program does start and give the impression it's working, it
starts emitting an endless stream of 'Host not found' messages and never
graphs network traffic load, as before.

I "suspect" that the system can't find the gdchart library, since I
originally installed that as a pkg, but I have no clue about the 'Host not
found' msgs.  Tried purging the contents of /var/db/ntop, in case there
was some incompatibility bet versions.  No joy.  Made all of the files in
/var/db/ntop and the directory itself world writable.  No joy.

The man page doesn't say anything about troubleshooting, as if there's
nothing that can go wrong but I now know that's not true.

Any suggestions ?  TIA....Jet

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