Ethernet problems; route dissapearing?

Ethernet problems; route dissapearing?

Post by Steven Bro » Thu, 31 Oct 1996 04:00:00

I have an Intel EtherExpress 10/100 card and kernel 2.0.23.  I have been
using the 'beta' driver for the card for some time now, and it has been
working fine.  Something has changed though.  Loading the driver from the
rc.inet1 script loads the module, and looks like if ifconfig's and route's
it right, but it will not work, and when I type "route" it hangs where it
should say the default gateway info.  I can ifconfig eth0 down, remove it,
and reload it manually, it will go up, and the route command reports
correct info, but it will work for about 5-10 minutes, then it will hang
again, and 'route' will hang at the same gateway line.  I can unload and
reload as many times as I feel like, but it'll still die after a while.
Does anyone have any ideas what could possibly be going wrong?  The
network works under windoze, so I doubt the router is causing all the
problems, and the driver did work well once...  I don't know how to
'debug' this any further.  If you have any suggestions that would help
locate the actual problem, please post or mail.  I really appriciate the
help!  Thanks!


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script, but is there a way to do it using a configuration option?  TIA.

Mark Degner

Network/Hardware Support Staff

University of Wisconsin-Madison

"In with the beer...  Out with the self-pity and hate!"

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