pppd does not appear to respond to the mtu/mru options

pppd does not appear to respond to the mtu/mru options

Post by Chris LaRocqu » Tue, 04 Feb 1997 04:00:00


I am running the Slackware dist. of kernal 1.2.13 ELF. I'm connecting to
ISP with a Zoltrix 28.8 voice/data/fax. I have specified mtu and mru
of 296 both on the command line and in the options file at different
however when I run tail on /var/adm/messages I can see that the values
are 1500. I am trying to determine the source of a random slowdown and
of my link and would like to know if this may be a problem. I have OS/2
on another
partition and have no similar problems using the std. connect utility.
Using XFree86 3.2
and Netscape on an AMD 486/120 32M RAM 2 16M swap partitions top reports
92% free cpu most of  the time.
P.S. tail reports the serial port running at 115200 as specified.

Thank you in advance
Chris LaRocque


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Does anyone have any information on the MTU MRU settings for ppp?  Like what
they should be?  My ppp0 link is set to 1500 MTU right now and that seems
really high to me.  My internet connection seems to hesitate a lot and HTTP
downloads are really slow.  I think this might be the problem.

I talked with a friend who's running Solaris 7 for x86 and he said he was
told to change the MRU setting in his modem init string and it worked.  He's
getting faster and more reliable downloads now.  Could this be a fix for
Linux too?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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