Netscapes DNS helper?

Netscapes DNS helper?

Post by Sven Joer » Thu, 30 Jul 1998 04:00:00

What is netscape's (4.05 linux) DNS helper doing?

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Netscapes DNS helper?

Post by Eric Trimme » Wed, 05 Aug 1998 04:00:00

Quote:> What is netscape's (4.05 linux) DNS helper doing?

A while back I had some problems with Communicator that delt with DNS
helper. Below is my problem and the answer that solved my problems.

my old problem:

Quote:> On my Linux system ( Slackware, kernel 1.2.13 )  I use Communicator
> 4.04.   It's a very nice upgrade from 2.02.
> BUT it locks-up a lot !
> I've noticed; by using the "ps -x" command; that it locks-up when ever
> Communicator calls another program,
> "DNS helper".  What is this program ( perhaps a Java script ) ?  And has
> anyone else had this problem and know a solution ?

the answer:

   The DNS Helper process is to do async DNS lookups.  It gave me
   quite a bit of problem when I was using the Digital Unix Beta
   version.  To disable it, set:


Hope this answers you question.


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1. (dns helper) in Netscape?


        When I start Netscape, another process starts as well with a PID equal
to nestcape PID + 1 and a name of (dns helper).  Occasionally, there
are  several of these named processes.  When Netscape crashes, sometimes
the (dns helper) process is still running and I have to kill it before I
can use Netscape again.

        Does anyone know what this process is for?  Is it needed?

        I'm using pppd dialed into an ISP.

Thank you

Jay O'Connor

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