Opinions, on non-filtering filter...

Opinions, on non-filtering filter...

Post by Per Brasher » Sat, 15 Jun 1996 04:00:00

Hello all.

I am a network admin for UC Berkeley, Chemistry department.  One of
our great minds, has a set of NMR magnets.  These are old Brucknet
devices (a protocall loosely based on DECNet).  They have a non
standard header, some 16 bytes longer than normal.  We found this out
by 'improving' our network.  The new trancivers see it as a jabber
packet, and squash the linving daylighs out of it.

This is also the case of filter bridges and some switches.  So I
decided it would be prudent to stick a linux box with IP forwarding
on, and let it rip.  So here is the deal, 2 machines needing full
access to/fro the net, and the rest should never see the network.

Right now I am ready to slap a socks setup on and see it go, but
figgured someone out there in the epherical ether might wisper in the
wind, some other method to use.

Just collecting opinions.  If anyone has set up filters for traffic
types before, how was the hit to performance? Did you have any
stability problems with the OS etc. etc.

Thanks for your time.

Per Brashers