Auto_PPP Mini-FAQ

Auto_PPP Mini-FAQ

Post by Henry Cros » Tue, 01 Oct 1996 04:00:00

 I finally figured this out the other day and it's really simple once
the secrets. First this only applies to mgetty so if you don't have it -
get it!
Second make sure you get the mgetty version 0.99 or better. Sunsite,
or wherever. Third compile it with the -DAUTO_PPP option this is _very_
important! Second in the login.config file uncomment the /AUTO_PPP/ line
don't change anything else on that line until after you've got this
properly! Next make sure your ppp users have the appropriate entries
in /etc/passwd file so they can be authenticatied and allowed to logon.
Then create a /etc/ppp/pap-secrets file the documentation is under the
Authentication section of man pppd. Use the simplest possible entry
until you get it up and running. I used:
* * ""
When you've gotten everything else up and running you can modify this
but wait till it works _first_.
Finally create in /etc/ppp an options file or an options.ttyS1,
etc. etc file to hold the options you wish to use.
In options.ttyS1 I used this:

In options.ttyS2 I used different IP address'es.

This is everything you need to start. RTFM for the details, but this
will get
you up & running.

Good Luck,
and don't forget to compile PPP into the kernel ;)


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