HELP! with Linux & Ethernet

HELP! with Linux & Ethernet

Post by Tumblewe » Fri, 02 Feb 1996 04:00:00

Okay, imagine if you will, the following set of bizarre circumstances...

Linux 1.2.13 (Slackware 3.0)
NE2000 compatible card (really, 2 of them)
Adaptec 1542 SCSI card - HD

We can get the HD to be recognized just fine, and the bootdisk kernel
works great for recognizing both the HD and the CD-ROM, and getting Linux
installed. Unfortunately, once installed (tried the scsi, scsinet1, and
scsinet2, and the idecd kernels), the Ethernet card is recognized at
startup, but once we try to actually USE it, nothing happens. We cannot
ping any other machines, and no other machines can ping it (very odd).
The link lights are on on both the NE2000 card and the hub. We have tried
two different network cables, one of which is known for a fact to be
good. We tried a second NE2000 card, one whic is known for a fact to be
good. All no go.

Okay, so we to the make config dance, thinking this would solve all the
problems, but no go. The CD still isn't recognized (though the error at
bootup about the CD is now only one line long, whereas before it was 3 or
4 lines long), and the ethernet is still supposedly recognized at
startup, but cannot be used. We don't have a clue about the ethernet
situation. The only clue we can give you intrepid sleuths out there is
that the bootdisk only worked when we gave it the parameter of hdb=cdrom.

So...any takers? (We hope!)


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