net mail OK, local mail permanently queued

net mail OK, local mail permanently queued

Post by Marc Haverla » Mon, 08 May 1995 04:00:00

I'm running smail 3.1.28 on linux 1.2.8, SLIP'd into my internet
provider.  I'm able to send and receive email on the net, but mail
within my machine seems to be permanently queued.

In other words, if I send email to a username without any domain or
host information, the mail is never delivered.

My /var/lib/smail/directors includes the following:

# user - match users on the local host with delivery to their mailboxes
user:   driver = user;                  # driver to match usernames
        transport = local               # local transport goes to mailboxes

and /var/lib/smail/transports includes:

# local - deliver mail to local users
# Tell smail to append directly to user mailbox files in the /usr/mail
# directory.
local:  driver = appendfile,            # append message to a file
        local,                          # use local forms for delivery
        from,                           # supply a From_ envelope line
        return_path,                    # include a Return-Path: field
        unix_from_hack;                 # insert > before From in body

        file = /usr/spool/mail/${lc:user},      # use this location for Linux
        group = mail,                   # group to own file for System V
        mode = 0660,                    # under System V, group mail can access
        suffix = "\n"                   # append an extra newline

mailq reports the following for each mail attempted:

m0s7qJU-0003ehC From: mbh  (in /var/spool/smail/input)
                Date: Sat, 6 May 95 14:18 MDT
                Args: -oem -om -oMP send-mail mbh

and runq doesn't ever clear out the queue.

I've read TFM, and couldn't find an Smail FAQ.

Many thanks for any solutions or suggestions!

BTW, local email worked before I connected my machine to the net and
configured Smail...



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