Ip masquerade problem (apache & wu.ftpd)

Ip masquerade problem (apache & wu.ftpd)

Post by azkie » Mon, 23 Mar 1998 04:00:00

I've got some problem with a small LAN running ip masquerade. It consist of two
system: the server running Linux, slackware 3.4, kernel 2.0.33, 2 ethernet
cards, a cable modem with dynamic IP and inside the network. The
other machine being a win95 box known as connected via one ethernet
card to the Linux box.

Here is my problem: I can access httpd, port 80 (apache latest stable version)
inside the network (ie: can access on port 80) and can
also access ftpd, port 21 inside the network... But outside the network, via
the inet, I can't access any of those ports... trying to connect to the Linux
box via ftp I get: "ftp: connect: No route to host" error message. The other
services (telnet) work well from everywhere as is apache if listening on port

Here's my ipfwadm config lines:

/usr/sbin/ipfwadm -F -p deny
/usr/sbin/ipfwadm -F a -m -S -D

Thanks in advance...


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On 03 Dec 2002 22:13:50 -0500, Lam Dang staggered into the Black Sun and

Have your cron job update and rewrite /etc/ftpaccess when it updates the
A record?  I'm assuming your cron job knows what the IP address that's
required is.  All the cron job would have to do is something like:

# assumes the IP address is stored in IPADDR.
echo "passive ports 40000 40999" > /etc/ftpaccess
echo "passive address $IPADDR" >> /etc/ftpaccess

Adjust to taste if your ftpaccess file has other stuff in it.

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