Redhat 6/2.2.5 & ncpfs

Redhat 6/2.2.5 & ncpfs

Post by Tom Gerrar » Wed, 05 May 1999 04:00:00

Hi, I recently upgraded my RH5.2 box to kernel 2.2.5.  Then all of a
sudden I could no longer authenticate (timing out) to our company's
NetWare 5 server using ncpmount.  Slist still worked as did pqlist etc.  
I figured I'd messed up the upgrade somehow and would wait until RH6 was
out and install that instead.  (In the meantime I'm using samba and have
shared drives on an NT server which is logged in to the NW server as me -
not very nice).

However I installed RH6 and now I can't even do an slist:

slist: No server found in ncp_open

I tried doing an strace, and I get a 'Network unreachable trying to find
server' error.  My ipx settings are OK, and it has picked up both the
EthernetII and Ethernet 802.2 networks and network numbers correctly, I
can see what's going on in ipxdump but still no joy.

Any ideas - thanks very much

Tom Gerrard


1. Novell 4.11 Service Pack 8 & ncpfs.o & ipx.0 & NDS & REDHAT 6.2 & ncpmount & Server not found (0x8847)

    Our Red Hat linux servers were able to connect to our companies Novell
4.11 file servers until recently when Novell Service Patch 8 was applied.

    I have spent much time trying to find our how to connect them but so far
have failed.

    I have installed RedHat 6.2 believing that this version has a ncpfs
client that can login to Novell NDS servers (when the userid's context and
tree are specified.

    I am hoping someone else has had this problem and can report a solution
or confirm the problem.

    Steps I have done.

1) Installed RedHat 6.2 and noticed that it did not load ipx.o or ncpfs.o,
so I have used "/sbin/insmod ipx.o" and "/sbin/insmod ncpfs.o" to load
these, then issued
"/sbin/ipx_interface --auto_interface=on --auto_primary=on" and this
appeared to work as when I do a "cat /proc/net/ipx_interface" I find that it
has detected a Frame_Type of EtherII which I believe is correct.

2) But when I try an slist or an nwfsinfo I get a "Server not found
(0x8847)" message

3) Also trying a "ncpmount -S [fileserver] -U [userid.context.tree] -P
[password] -f 0777 /mnt/novellfs" it simply says file server not found.

Can any one comment or assist please.


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