ppp 2.3.11 not working

ppp 2.3.11 not working

Post by Andres M. Hidalg » Fri, 11 Feb 2000 04:00:00

My linux box is used as a firewall to my LAN, I have been using this setup
without a problem using
ppp2-3.8 one demand with kernel 2.2.14. I decided to upgrade to ppp2.3.11
and had no problem with the installation of it, I reboot the box and
ppp-2.3.11 came up without a problem, but my demand option no longer works,
I used to be able to start the line by just doing a ping to an internet
site, but now that is not working now. Anyone had this problem before ??



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Unrot13 this;

Help wanted.  I installed ppp-2.3.11 about a week ago, and it seemed to
work great, for about 3 days.  Then it quit logging into my ISP with
exactly the same strings its been running with for months.  The login
failed with a really odd message, stateing that I wasn't allowed to use
the address the ISP gave me.

So I rebooted, wrecking a 51 day uptime, and it went back to work.  The
next day I'm seeing stalls, and even hangups, and ifconfig reports a
framing error for about every 25 packets received.  No tx problems, just

I'm about to go back to 2.3.10, but 11 has some features I'd like to
play with.

The kernel is 2.2.14pre6 FWIW.  Basic Mandrake 6.0 install with lots of
updates, like the newer ppp's.

Ideas anyone, or is it a known incompatability?

Cheers, Gene

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