error when running pppd

error when running pppd

Post by jhstallwort » Mon, 13 Mar 2000 04:00:00

I am running Red Hat 6.0.  Trying to get connected to Internet. My modem
works fine in minicom. However, when I run the pppd I get the following

error pppd:  In file /etc/PPP/options : too few parameters for option

I'm thinking this is refering to my username in the options file. I have no
idea of what parameters it (the file) is looking for. Anyone have an idea?
Thanks in advance.

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On Fri, 17 Apr 2009, in the Usenet newsgroup comp.os.linux.networking, in

man pppd      Look at the section 'EXIT STATUS'

       2      An  error  was  detected  in processing the options
              given, such as two mutually exclusive options being

then add the option 'dryrun' or 'dump' to /etc/ppp/options

The error message says you have some options that do not work together.
Without knowing what options you have, we can't say. Note also that
SUSE had altered the pppd package to add two or three options that the
maintainers found unsatisfactory and rejected.

It's not permissions, or the modem. See the man page for pppd and
read what the options that you have enabled do.

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