Protocol hacking...

Protocol hacking...

Post by Anders Erikss » Tue, 18 Jul 1995 04:00:00

Hi all,

We're about to start a project which will elaborate a lot with
the IP protocol (Buffer sizes, headers and such) and will eventially
do some kind of desktop conferencing application with some video stuff.

What we have available is a twisted-pair ethernet connection.

My questions to you are:

1) Are there device drivers available for Linux/ Twisted-pair?
   Can you recommend a good card?

2) How much of the networking stuff inside Linux can we tweak and still
   have a stable system?

3) We will, eventually, run ATM over the line. Has anyone had avy experience
   with ATM in linux?

Please mail replies, since our news-feed expires rather quickly,


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1. NNTP Protocol Hack in UNIX and posting Questions?

Hi Everyone,

I need to write a program that will read a flat file and post
to the newsgroups that are specifed in the file. The flat file
will point to the appropriate local file to post. This will
be a form of an autoposter (most of the postings will go to the
jobs.* groups).

I need a copy of th NNTP protocol stantard, so I can write the program
(it will be a C/C++ UNIX prog). Can anyone point to the NNTP FAQ URL
or FTP site so I can get this?

Does such a program already exist? Or does anyone have sample "C" code
to a NNTP news posting program (I guess "pnews" is a NNTP program
that posts news, maybe I can hack some of this code to do what I want).

Any information is greatly appreciated.



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