Modem configuration for a PPP connection in a leased line

Modem configuration for a PPP connection in a leased line

Post by Frederico Damasceno Bortolot » Wed, 08 Sep 1999 04:00:00

I have two USR Sportster 28800 external modems, one in each end of a leased
line, and I wanted to configure both modems as host and guest.
So I created a options.ttyS1 configuration file in /etc/ppp diretory to work
with pppd. I specified the connect option to use a chat script but, the AT
command I put there is not connecting the modems.
I also set up a line in the inittab file to respawn my pppd script for the
device (/dev/ttyS1).
I looked up in the Leased line mini HowTo but it couldn't help.
Can anybody give any help on those AT commands or on the modem DIP switches
configuration (if it is the case...)?

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I am trying to configure a ppp server to connection two linux machines
together. Aim is to connect two lans and finally make it possible to connect
into the internet through one server.

The leased line (permanen telephone line) is working. I can connect both
machines via minicom, but i am not able to set up the ppp server. If read
the standard howto's and i haven't solved setting up server and client
probably, whether normal ppp-client is working for other accounts.

Any experiences, suggestions? Help would be real great.

thanks in advance for every help


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