DIP: dip.pid location

DIP: dip.pid location

Post by Andrea Bea » Fri, 20 Feb 1998 04:00:00

This is for version 3.3.7o-uri

Why does it write to /etc/dip.pid ?
I see a /var/run/ppp0.pid that has the same pid.

I thought that /var/run was for pid files and such, at least according to
the Linux Filesystem Standard.  So why does dip write to the /etc dir and
how can I make it not?

Should I get a newer version or complain or hack the source?



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Recently after upgrading my kernel dip has started to pulse dial instead of
tone dial.  Has this happened to anyone before? How do I fix it?  It's not my
init string, I know that.  Is it something to do with the dial library? Also,
no one except root can use dip without it getting messed up because it can't
write the dip.pid file to the /etc directory.  This didn't happen with
dip-3.x.xn, only with dip-3.x.xo.  Can anyone help?

Caglar Girit

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