Helpme please. Sendmail

Helpme please. Sendmail

Post by Paolo Fanon » Thu, 16 Apr 1998 04:00:00

Please, help me for this problem on Sendmail:

i'have need to get the single mail for each user into your proprely box /home/usr

and NOT all MAILS into /root/Mail/xxx.

If someone has solved the problem,via or via aliases, etc,  please write me

I'ts very important for me. I'installed Linux on 10 clinets and theirs wont this!

Thank You


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1. Sendmail problems. Please please please please help!

Just setting up FreeBSD 4, and I notice a number of differences in the
sendmail config system.  All good, I hope.

Anyway - My problem is a fairly simple one.  I cannot forward mail to my
internal machines.


/etc/mail/ contains

Mail is recieved by the server, but mailq gives me:

                                (Deferred: Name server:
host name lookup failed)

The DNS is set up okay as far as I can see...

Should the last full stop be there in the deferred message?  If not, where
will it be getting it from?



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