PPP Server Setup Help (CHAP or PAP)

PPP Server Setup Help (CHAP or PAP)

Post by Nelson Ye » Tue, 18 Feb 1997 04:00:00

Anyone who can give me an example how to setup PPP Server?
Which one is better ? CHAP or PAP

Or, please tell me where has good examples on WWW..



1. PPP/CHAP/PAP to an NT server from non-MS client (HELP!)

Please reply directly, as I don't regularly read this group.

I am trying to help a friend get his FreeBSD box to authenticate to
an NT server that is his ISP.  I've heard that Linux can do this.
The NT server is sending me a CHAP algorithm field that is not in
RFC1334, and it drops me if I send a ConfRej for CHAP (instead of
going to PAP).

Any and all help you can offer would be appreciated.  He'd like to do
this for a conference Nov 1-3.  We've been fighting it for weeks now.

Please reply directly, as I don't regularly read this group.

                 John Lind, Starfire Consulting Services


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