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How do I connect to a PPTP server from behind my newly installed Single
Network Firewall 7.2. I have read that I need to have a kernel that supports
masquerading GRE packets, and that I have to open, which I have, TCP port
1723.  I have the default install of the product, and it has kernel
2.2.19-5mdk.  I need to know what, if anything, I can do to make this work
using Mandrake Single Network Firewall.

Please respond to me via email, so that I get the needed info the fastest.

My Network                                                    Work Network
-----           ------            ---------------            -------------
| PCs |-----| SNF |-------| PPTP Server |-------| Work LAN |
-----           ------            ---------------            -------------

Brian Flick


1. persistent pptp vpn with pppd

Hi. I'm having problems with keeping a persistent pptp VPN connection
using pppd.

Here's the relevant contents of my /etc/ppp/peers/myconnection file:

pty "pptp [pptpserver] --nolaunchpppd "
mtu 1350

I also have a couple of scripts to set up/remove some routing in
/etc/ppp/ip-up.d/ and /etc/ppp/ip-down.d/. Specifically, I'm adding a
route to pptpserver through eth0, and a route to my work domain through
the pppd interface.

The VPN connection is established and it works fine, as long as my
internet connection is ok (eth0 has a static ip going into my router
which maintains a DSL connection as its WAN). My problem is that
whenever my internet connection has a hiccup, the VPN connection
doesn't recover. So, after a hiccup, I can still ping pptpserver itself
(the packets will go directly through the eth0 interface), but I cannot
ping anything through the pppd interface. If I manually poff then pon
myconnection, everything works again.

Is this a problem/bug regarding the 'persistent' option I'm giving to

What should I do if I want the VPN connection to recover by itself? Is
there some option other than 'persistent' that I should give pppd?
Should I manually write a daemon script which pings through the pppd
interface every 2 mins and redials it if it doesn't work?

Thanks for you input.

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