How to make smail to queue mail ?

How to make smail to queue mail ?

Post by Thomas Bah » Sat, 30 Sep 1995 04:00:00

Hi all,

I'm sure this problem has been "investigated" before. But I don't know
the solution. So if you could point me to the appropriate FAQ or HOWTO,
I would be fully satisfied.
The only thing I want to have is smail to queue outgoing mails if the
destination host (within the same domain) is presently down. I've tried
retry_interval and retry_duration (/usr/lib/smail/config) or
/usr/lib/smail/retry with no success.

Please cc: me your answer by e-mail if you post it here.



1. Term+smail does not queue mail??

I have term115 and smail installed. When I have the
term connection up and do a tredir 25 25, mail works
fine.  I can send mail out over the term connection.
However, without the term connection it fails:

... failed: (ERR_14 8) transport termsmtp: connect: Connection refused  

It fails in the sense mail is returned to the sender
rather than being queued.

This is really annoying. I should be able to write up
all my mail and then call up and do a  runq to send all
the queued mail, which is also  how it is alluded in the

It seems that somewhere in the smail jungle something
has to be set but where and what?


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