Problem with capturing the icmp and udp packets

Problem with capturing the icmp and udp packets

Post by vbhanu.i.. » Thu, 01 Sep 2005 07:42:41

Hi all,

I am writing a small code that would capture and read some information
that is contaiend in the packets. What i am doing is described to some
extent here:

char buf[MAX_BUFFER];
bread = recvfrom(sockfd, buf, MAX_BUFFER, 0, (struct sockaddr *)&llh,
eth_hdr = (struct ethhdr *) buf;
ip_hdr = (struct iphdr *) ((char *) eth_hdr + 14);
char *tl_pkt;
tl_pkt = buf + (4*ip_hdr->ihl);

Till here it is working fine and also if the ip_hdr->protocol is
IPPROTO_TCP then it is working fine but if this is of the type
IPPROTO_ICMP and from here i call a function void capture_udp(char
*tl_pktu); it is giving a SEGMENTATION FAULT here. I have a printf line
as the first statement in this function but even taht is not working.

Some one please please explain as to what is wrong here.

Thanking you



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Dear All,

Can we configure one socket to receive two different protocols packet.
Like how can we made a UDP socket to receive udp as well as icmp

Actually I am implementing Path MTUD, so for that I sent some udp
probs to destination host, now I want that the same socket at client
side must be able to receive both udp response and icmp error
messages(like host unreachable, port unreachable etc).

Another approach is that, we will use two sockets for both source and
destination, form source we will send udp probs(through udp socket)
while at destination host, after receiving that prob(through udp
socket), application will make an icmp packet and sent it back to the
source host (using ICMP socket). And here at source host, that message
and other icmp error messages will be received by icmp socket.

But this approch dosen't look efficient to me, what u people say? If
Any one has another approch plz let me know.

Eagerly waiting for some +ve pings.

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