PPP solved

PPP solved

Post by Chad Knep » Sun, 15 Feb 1998 04:00:00

O happy day!

I am posting this message via RH 5.0.  I got connected finally so my
Windoze95 disk has about a half hour to live as I  was forced to rely on
M$ for internet services.  If you are having trouble don't give up,
Linux is worth the effort.   Between www.deja-news.com and
www.redhat.com there is enough information to solve any problem, but you
might have to dig deep.

My problem:  I hate to admit this, but I spent three months bucking a
misconfigured IRQ.  The first errors I received were of the lcp timeout
and 8 bit not clean which appear to be pretty generic judging by the
number of postings with these errors.  By wrestling with the various
scripts I was able to produce an error from pppd that was something like
ioctl (IDYGFB): Invalid operator.  Further script abuse caused  a modem
hangup and NO CARRIER.  The telling point was the general slowness
during login observable through seyon, minicom, ezppp, etc.  A posting I
read in RedHat's ppp-list to this effect triggered the memory that I had
set my modem in Windoze to a non default IRQ in order to dodge some
other conflict (mouse).  Part of the reason I never considered a
resource conflict is that everything appeared to work to an extent.
Coming from a M$ background, things work or they do not (usually not and
you guess why).  It is rarely the case that hardware will sort of work.

Solution:  If this sounds like your problem, you need to know what your
modems IRQ is set at.  If   you are a W95 user and have a working
configuration look under the resources of the COM port the modem is
installed on.  In Linux you can find out the IRQ by:

     /sbin/setserial -a /dev/ttySx                     #where x=cau
number (COM-1)

If you need to change it use:

     /sbin/setserial -b /dev/ttySx IRQ X        #where x=cau & X=IRQ

To have it autoconfig IRQ on boot  put the later line in a file called:


Note:  This was an IRQ misconfiguration not an IRQ conflict.  An IRQ
conflict may behave much differently than this.  I really don't know.

Hey Linux guru's:  If I'm wrong about any of the above please call me on
it.  I'm a newbie and I wouldn't want to lead anyone astray.

Proposition:  Does this exist or would anyone be interesting in starting
a web site that consisted of a database of problems and their
solutions.  Sifting through all the misleading postings is a little


Linux rocks my box!!!


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