Please Guys, I really need your help / routing

Please Guys, I really need your help / routing

Post by Gravy Trai » Sat, 24 Jun 2000 04:00:00

Hi all,

i really need your help with this one guys. I have put down a few other
posts but to no avail.

This is as far as i have gotten. Im using Linux as my router, it hosts web /
mail behind the router (internal network using 192.168.*.*). I am using
ipmasqadm portfw to forward the ports from the live interface to the private
machine. But it is not working.

I know that is i dial the linux box up with a modem and adjust the
forwarding rules to suit the new ip it all works.

I have used iptraf to find out whats going on and i can see the following:                                                     =
3             180     S---       eth1       x                                                  =
0               0     ----       eth1       x                                                     =
3             180     S---       eth0       x                                                      =
0               0     ----       eth0       x

As you can see, the originating IP comes in on and is connected to port 110
(pop3) it is then redirected to the internal address on the same port. From
this i would assume that the port forwarding is working. However the client
machine making the request cant connect. As yes the mail server is running
on that machine as i can telnet to it from the linux box doing the

Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.
+OK Microsoft Exchange POP3 server version 5.5.2650.23 ready

Please if you can help with this problem it would be fantastic. I really am
at a loss



1. PLEASE: Really need your help. RS232 to 10baseT

Let me thank you all in advance.  I have been a fan of the Linux
movement and hope Linux will be biger then MickeySoft.

Well here is what I need help on.  I have an old Compaq laptop that I
will be using as a Lanalyser for our network.  The laptop will monitor
over 3000 systems, and connections from the internet into our network.
I want to install Redhat 5.0 and connect it to the hub.  The problem
is the laptop does not have an ethernet card.  We need to make a
connection from the RS232 seiral port.

What I am looking for is how do I make an RS232 wired to ethernet
connection.  Pin placement.  and what packages need to be installed,
this is just going to be a min install so it can do only Lanalysing.
I also don't want it to be seen from the internet.  

486 66
120mg hard drive
8mg ram

any and all your help would be greatly appricatated.

please post and send to my email

Todd M. Allen
Network Support.                                    Cochise College

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