Problem with PPP connection

Problem with PPP connection

Post by Roy Grim » Wed, 21 Jul 1999 04:00:00

> I have SupraExpress 288i Plug and Play (PnP) Fax Modem installed in
> my pentium 133. It works fine with Window 95. However, it does not
> seem to work with my linux (RedHat 4.1, kernel 2.0.27). It does not
> return OK to the AT commands. However, it can dial out sometimes
> if I type ATDT phone# with dip -tv running interactively. I try to
> use "+++" to bring it back to command mode in case it is in on-line
> mode, it does not seem to make it better.

> Any advice/comments will be greatly appreciated!

> --Cheng

I have a SupraExpress 56i v.90.  It came with a bunch of jumpers on it
which allowed me to take the modem out of PNP mode and "hard wire" it to
use a particular COM port.  If you still have the documentation for the
modem, it may tell you how you can change the modem settings.  If you
don't have the documentation, go to Diamond's web site ( ) and search for modem documentation.  It
should be there somewhere.  I know I was able to find some documentation
for my modem before but I can't remember the specific URLs.  I do
remember that they had support for a wide variety of modems, not just
the 56k ones.

Good luck,


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