ARP table update

ARP table update

Post by lui yuk lun » Thu, 09 Apr 1998 04:00:00

I have installed two new squid proxy servers on two separate PCs with
Red Hat
5.0 Linux and kernel 2.0.32.  I want to do the high availability of the
two proxy servers.  I have done the heartbeat exchange to poll whether
the proxy servers are alive.  I have also run a program of IP takeover
and IP alias on one network interface.

I can alias two IP addresses on one ethernet address, but the ARP
of the other servers on the same LAN have not been updated.

I have the following questions:
1. After I takeover the IP address, can the ARP tables update

2. How to update the ARP tables of other servers within the same LAN?

3. Can I manully send a ARP broadcast and reply it by one server in
order to
   overwrite the ARP tables of all servers on the same LAN?

Can someone suggest faq or documentation for the above problems?

Thanks in advance.


1. bootpd / arp table update problem

We have an i486 with NetBSD 1.0 installed. This box is serving bootp
requests to a dozen or so embedded clients.

It appears that initially everything goes along fine, until one of
the clients is reset and performs its bootp request again.

At that point, bootpd complains about 'arp failed, exit code 0x100'.

'arp -a' lists MAC address of the client whose request failed as

Deleting the offending entry from the arp table temporarily corrects
the problem.

What gives? Has anyone seen this behaviour before?




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