Squid Setting IP Forward (Top Top Top Urgent)

Squid Setting IP Forward (Top Top Top Urgent)

Post by sunray.. » Thu, 26 May 2005 10:43:46

> I have two proxy server, 1.) ISA -- 2.) Squid --

Why are you using 168.1.1.x for your network addresses? This is a
network that's allocated to Credit Suisse - which is in Switzerland.

Quote:> 1.) ISA - your ip is 202.111.xxx.111 -- your country is Hong Kong
> 2.) Squid -- your ip is proxy detected is 202.111.xxx.111
> -- your country is Switzerland
> How to set country is Hong Kong on Squid or the result same as No 1 ?

Squid is configured to forward your real (internal) IP address. ISA

The quick fix is to change squid not to forward your internal IP
address. The correct fix is to use a private network address as defined

in RFC 1918. Typically this is one starting 192.168.x.x.

I'm understand the problems, but i can't change the network design now.

So, How To do that (quick fix to change squid not forward my internal
ip address) ?? Is it add a iptables or config some etc .....

Please Please Please Please help me

Many Many Many Many Many Many Many Many Many THANKS


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