Ask ppp-on and ppp-on-dialer for ppp connection

Ask ppp-on and ppp-on-dialer for ppp connection

Post by Wesley Shi » Sun, 27 Oct 1996 04:00:00

   After 4 housrs trying to make ppp connection, I believe I fail on
   "chat" program.

   I got slackware96 kernel 2.0.0 and pppd-2.2, ppppd-2.1, pppd, ppp-on
   ppp-off in my /usr/sbin directory, also in my /etc/ppp directory,
   there are "options" and "ppp-on-dialer" there.

   I change the phone number, login process in those files to fit my
   situation, and use the "pppd-2.2" in the ppp-on script.

   Login as root, /dev/cua1 as my modem line, then make ppp-on script
   to run in the background.

   THe modem light is on, but it did not dial and ppp-on exit after
   a while. I check the /var/log/message, I found the following:

   OCT 12 ,120, ....  : ppp connect --> /dev/cua1 expect ('') alarm

   The modem is setup correctly according HOWTO ppp, I just wonder is
   anyone can send me the those 3 scripts, and which version pppd
   I should use with slackware96 ?

   Any help is appreciated.

   Wesley Shih