Linux Jumpstart Server for Solaris???

Linux Jumpstart Server for Solaris???

Post by Tim Jone » Sat, 23 Mar 2002 09:09:54

I would like to setup a Mandrake 8.1 Linux server to be a Jumpstart
server for Solaris.  RARP does not appear to be supported by the kernel
in Mandrake 8.1.  I've tried recompiling the kernel to include RARP
support, but haven't had much luck.

Can a Jumpstart server be setup with something other than RARP?  If not,
I would appreciate hearing suggestions on how to get the kernel to
support RARP.

Thanks for your help!


1. solaris 10 jumpstart server; how to check boot server?

i'm trying to set up a jumpstart server.  as it happens, on x86.
        on solaris 10
(on solaris 9 it's no big deal--i just retired a sol 9 jumpstart server.)
it needs to jumpstart sparc and intel chips.  what i want to know
is how to check, on the solaris 10 command line, whether the
right boot server(s) are configged/running/and so on.
svccfg list
don't reply with anything that looks like the old tftpboot that
i'm used to.  seems like x86 used an rpldboot (sp?), anyway, i
don't see anything that rings a bell.

the nfs server i see, but...  what's the boot server look like?
(the nfs server i know is okay.  anyway, i know how to fix that
if it isn't, or if it breaks.)


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