Help: Running a SLIP server using DIP

Help: Running a SLIP server using DIP

Post by Dean Pove » Tue, 10 Jan 1995 10:12:33

Apologies if this is a dumb question but I couldn't find any answers
in the usual places.

I am attempting to set up a server to allow people to dial in to
my linux box using slip.  I have got it working using diplogin to the
point where I can see the connection, and if I add a route for the
slip line I can ping the remote machine from my linux box.  However
all packets from the remote machine get dropped (this includes pings).

When I send something from the remote machine the Rx modem light
flashes on the linux box but nothing seems to happen.  I am using
Chamelon TCP sampler to log on to the box.  I have also checked to
make sure there are no TCP wrappers and this seems ok.

Suggestions anyone?

Dean Povey.


1. Help with SLIP server setup in Linux using DIP

I am connecting my win95 machine to my Linux box using SLIP. To do
this I have set up a new "slipuser" account and set its login shell to
/sbin/diplogin (I tried setting it to /sbin/dip -i as it says in the
man page but it didn't work). Once I had done this, I could login from
Win95 using SLIP, and I could ping the win95 machine from Linux but I
couldn't reach the linux machine from win95. This got me stomped at
first, then I noticed that I had to do a "ifconfig
pointopoint up"  in order to get the link working because
ifconfig reported that sl0 wasn't being set up to pointopoint. is Linux the other is Win95. I also had to "route add because DIP didn't add it itself. Well, I am a newbie at
Linux and networking in general, but from the  DIP man page I thought
that DIP should do the above by itself. Is there a way to set up the
link correctly with the above commands automatically once a SLIP
connection has been made?

My setup is the following :

- Linux version is Slackware 2 with kernel version 1.1.18 (Old, I
know. I intend to get the latest)
-DIP version is 3.3.7
- I am dialing in on ttyS1 using a null-modem cable.
- I also have a loopback device configured

Thanks for the help!


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