PPP dial in --- won't even dial

PPP dial in --- won't even dial

Post by William B. McMilla » Fri, 02 Aug 1996 04:00:00

        I got Linux a couple days ago to learn about unix in general and love
this operating system.  I am having one problem though.  I can't dial in
to my Internet access provider using pppd.  I have Slackware ver. 3.0
and the pppd package that came with it.  Occasionally the lights on my
modem light up, but it never dials (and yes, I did include an ATDT
command...).  In a couple of weeks I'll be going to college where it
won't be a problem to set up my network card, but I still would like to
know how to do this for in the summer time.  If anyone has any ideas,
please post or e-mail me.  Thanks.
Bret McMillan


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I've installed FreeBsd 2.1.6 with an NE2000 Ethernet card (to access
other computers on my LAN) and a modem.  All is working fine for
manually dialing out. However, when I execute

ppp -auto e  (where 'e' is the name of a profile in ppp.conf)

ppp loads fine and appears to wait for requests.

(I've also examined the latest scripts as suggested by an earilier

However, when I go to look for things outside my domain, ppp does not
automatically dial up my ISP.  

Does anyone have any ideas?


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