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Digital DEPCA network card, 8-bit.
Any one familiar with this card?  I need to know the jumper settings on
the card.  It has a buss connection on it which appears to be for a
dec-mouse.  If you have any knowledge of the jumper settings please let
me know.  I am particularly interested in the memory address setting.  I
would like to change it from 0xd000 to something else to enable me to use
2 cards on one machine.  

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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1. EM110 nic (Digital Tulip)

I've got a Cogent EM110 (uses a Digital 1036DA chip, a tulip I belive)
which I've been trying to get working right for a few days now.  I'm
running a 486 dx/4 100 with ISA and PCI buses and Slackware with
2.0.33.  I'm haveing a terible time getting this thing to A) Detect
the transciver type and B) Keep working if I can get it working.  I
belive it was with the tulip.c that comes with 2.0.33 I had it
detecting the card, and detecting the transceiver type, but after a
few minutes of running I'd get an error "eth0: too much work at
interupt, csr5=0xfcb6a000.", which would scroll past extereemly
quickly on the local console and just lock the machine up.  

I've since tried the newest tulip driver (Version 0.89B), which when
it loads doesn't seem to select the media right on the card (the link
lights on the hub and card never come on), although it still detects
it just fine.  I've tried eth0 up / eth0 down and it doesn't make any

BTW, the card works fine in windows 95, with the exception that it has
to be connected to the hub, and the hub on when it boots to detect the
media speed...  just a driver thing there I think.

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