Printing from Linux using LAN Print Server

Printing from Linux using LAN Print Server

Post by Mattri » Sun, 16 Mar 2003 12:59:52


New to Linux, but learning to like it!

I`m dual booting Linux Mandrake9.0 and W98SE each on its own seperate HDD.
I am sharing a LAN (in Windows) with 2 other computers through a Netgear
FM114P Prosafe Wireless Firewall/Print Server.
I am able to print in Windows on all my computers, connecting the Printer,
direct to the Print Server Serial Port aspect, of this Netgear 5in1 device.
I also had to use the Netgear install CD to add a "new" Netgear *PORT* on
each of the computers, I  am printing from.

I should also say, I am sharing a DSL connection to this same dual boot box
through straight through wired ethernet and NIC, both in W98SE AND LINUX,
using this same Netgear ProSafe  Firewall/Print Server.

My Question is : How do I setup this same printing functionality from within
*LINUX*, using this W98 / Linux dual boot computer and  Netgear Print

Any help or insight into this matter would be greatly appreciated.

regards, Matt