How to connect two offices via synchronous line?

How to connect two offices via synchronous line?

Post by Konstantin V. Buk » Tue, 11 Feb 1997 04:00:00


        We need to connect two offices via synchronous line. There is
necessary to find the most cheaper solution (so, we don't want to buy
a Cisco router now and hope to do this with some cards with machine
working under Linux).
        We can see two opportunity now:
a) using synchronous serial communications controller from Comtrol
Corporation (Hostess S model). But we can't find any driver for it (it
should be module for kernel, imho). Is it possible to find some kind
of soft to use this cintroller under Linux?
b) using Sigma-22 (2 channels V.35/RS-232) from Cronyx
Engineering. There is driver for this board only for Free-BSD. Is
there a driver for Sigma-22 for Linux?

And the last question: what other solutions are available for our problem?
All advises will be appreciated.

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But that doesn't work ;-) So I tried to install dip on both
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And YES - I have read the NET3-HOWTO !!! And I didnot find any clue
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TIA for your replies

If the SLIP-connection works do I have to install a ftp-Server on
the SLIP-Server as well to transfer the files ??
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