Multiple concurrent PPP connections 9is it possible?)

Multiple concurrent PPP connections 9is it possible?)

Post by Ian Justm » Tue, 11 Jun 1996 04:00:00

Hello, all.

I run a server at home with an analog modem with a registered domain name
(which naturally has a static IP attached to it), but sometimes, I want to
nail up a high-speed ISDN link.

Making the connection is a trivial matter (can do it in my sleep), but the
REAL problem I'm having is routing.  I had a friend of mine FTP some stuff
coming in over the ISDN link.  She was getting very bad throughput.  Then
I find out when I get to work (my ISP), if I try to FTP put or get supposed-
ly over the ISDN link, it detours to the modem.

Best as I can figure it's because the modem has the default route on it.

Putting "defaultroute" on the pppd session for the ISDN connection would
only serve to confuse the kernel.  Is there a way to make it such that
I can have two concurrent dial-out PPP connection without having to resort
to serious brain surgery on pppd, the routing table, the kernel, or a
combination of all three?

Also, speaking of pppd, is there a reliable way of being able to pick up
on which ppp(number here) using pppd 2.1.2 so then I can then tear down
the appropriate connection should it go stale?  Mainly because it seeems
rather insane to abritrarily give a as part of the kill command;
for all we know, ppp1 may be the one we need to kill.  Also, this will aid
in tracking the appropriate port lockfile.  The stock scripts which come
with Slackware 3.0 are brain-damaged in that they do not clean up after them-
selves, specifically, they don't clean up the /var/spool/uucp/LCK..cua(p)

Ultimately, the idea is so that my assistant sysadm (who lives in Los An-
geles) can nail up a high-speed connection on my server (located in Sacra-
mento) so she can move stuff at high speed over her ethernet connection.
And she needs to do it easily.

Thanks for any and all thoughts on the matter.

Ian R. Justman, CalWeb Internet Services Technical Support
(916) 641-9320


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I have a problem with concurrent ppp connections.  The system does not
allow for more than 4 concurrent ppp connections.  

I saw a posting that said to change the Space.c file.  
I added ppp4 through ppp30 in the CONFIG_PPP section in the Space.c
file, recompiled the kernal, and rebooted the system.  Problem is I
still cannot connect more than 4 ppp connections.  Any other helpful

 In other tests, I saw some parameters in ppp.h and adjusted NRUNIT_PPP
and  N_PPP to 31 and 30, respectively.  We saved, recompiled, rebooted
and still we are only able to connect 4 ppp connections.

 We are using Red Hat Linux v1.2.13

 Please help!!!!!!!!!!1


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