Starting & Stopping ProgFTPD

Starting & Stopping ProgFTPD

Post by Richard Pett » Sun, 23 Jul 2000 04:00:00

How do I start and stop ProFTPD?

The docs are incomplete on this subject, ie: That specific topic has
absolutely nothing written about it.

Look here to see what I mean:

I killed the ProFTPD process when when I restarted it all the FTP
clients get is:

  500 FTP server shut down (Maintanance in progress) --
  please try again later.

Nothing I do fixes this (I haven't resorted to a reboot, yet...)


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1. Can't stop X-windows starting cycle && vi and boot/root disks

I have run into a little problem with X.  A friend tried to show me how
to have X run in 16bit mode.  After modifying the correct start up
script and rebooting I found out that one meg of video ram wasn't enough
.  As soon as X starts it crashes and then the start up script restarts
X and cycle continues.  I can't C-A-Backspace it and I cant log into any
consoles as the machine stops every sec to start X  (I am in run level 4
so I xdm starts automatically after reboots--new I should have switched
to 5 for testing...).  

I Tried rebooting with the boot/root (slackware v3.0) disks and then
mounting the main root disk.  However after doing this I found that none
of the editors worked, even when using absolute paths to the editor
executable (using the /mnt of course) .  The error is unknown command.
This holds for any editor I can think of even line editors and elvis.

Can anybody suggest a way of getting an editor to run after booting
using the boot/root combo?  An alternative would be a pointer to a
recovery disk set which has an usable editor. Or a way to stop the
booting process before is X is started.

Any ideas,


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