X terminal connection KDE with indirect query

X terminal connection KDE with indirect query

Post by Wolfgang Ganzer » Thu, 30 Sep 1999 04:00:00


I am trying to use Sun Sparc Classic X (SS) as X terminals. I want to
connect to workstations using kdm (from KDE) instead of xdm and acting
as application servers (AS). After booting the DC,  I get the chooser
window with all workstations on the net. So far everything is okay.

If I choose an AS using kdm as the display manager I get the user list
window and can log in. When I quit the KDE session on the AS, the AS is
returning to the user list window (which is quiet normal) but on the
client DC, I would like to not return to the user list but instead to
the chooser window in order to get the possibility to connect to another

What has to be done on the AS or the SS to return to the chooser window
on the SS?

Thank You for suggestions!!



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I found a free PC X-server for windows-95, but the problem is it does
not broadcast anything when it starts.  So I cannot get xdm's
attention.  What I need is a win-95 program that can send an Indirect
query via XDMCP inorder to get xdm's attention and allow me to choose
the host to login to.

NOTE: currently I have all the PC's configured as local in the
Xservers file, and have to "kill -HUP" xdm when ever one wants to
login.  Also, this does not allow a chooser either.

Mark Dotson

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