Strange problem, network doesn't work, networking stuff installed.

Strange problem, network doesn't work, networking stuff installed.

Post by Fan Li T » Wed, 14 Aug 1996 04:00:00

        I have this strange problem.  Slip doesn't work.  When I use dip
to call my campus's slip server, it dials and logs in properly.  But ping,
etc fails.  If I telnet, it works, but very shortly afterwards, everything
is stuck (modem lights blinks when I type, showing something is going out,
but nothing comes back).  If I go to anohter window and type run netstat,
(it will seem to hang, and the output takes a few minutes to come back out)
sometimes it will "unstuck" my telnet session, for another few hundred bytes.
Another "netstat" (either in a third window, or ^C the earlier netstat) may
sometimes unstuck it again.  I'm using linux kernels 1.3.100, 2.0.0, 2.0.7,
        Slip works on another machine, so I took that HD and stuck it into
my computer.  Boots up nicely into the kernel the other machine uses.  Slip
don't work.  Same symptoms as before.  However, slip works under windows 95
on the original machine, so it shouldn't be a hardware problem.
        Reinstalled slackware 3.0 with everything, from tsx-11.  Slip still
doesn't work.  I've installed linux on 3-4 other machines and all those
work properly.  /etc/resolv.conf set up properly.  /etc/hosts includes the
ips for all the hosts I want to call.  network is on, bind, etc.
        Anyone have any ideas?

        Problem number 2.  My pentium can't call the other linux box, a 486.
(and yes, I tried slip without the network card too - would I be here if it
had worked? :))  Both linux boxes use a NE2000 clone (with diff hardware
numbers).  Both boxes recognizes their own network card.  Both network
cards are configured correctly.  /etc/rc.d/rc.inet1 runs properly.  I
just can't telnet from one machine to the other.  ifconfig shows that
the eth0 is up on both.  route may be the only one that's giving me
trouble, but I think I have it set up properly since I'm using the
standard /etc/rc.d/rc.inet1 file.

Here's a description of both machines.

Pentium-133                                     Acer 486-33
Tyan Titan III with 256k pipelined cache
ne2000 clone                                    ne2000 clone
16 megs ram                                     8 megs
qlogic pci basic scsi
1.6G eide                                       500 meg ide
850 meg scsi
nec cdrom 4x4
millenium 4m
ultrasound pnp

kernel 2.0.9                                    kernel 2.0.9
slackware 3.0 with networking                   ditto
network address:          
netmask:         is listed in /etc/networks as localnet is listed in both machine's /etc/hosts as is listed in both machine's /etc/hosts as

ifconfig shows both eth0 to be up with appropriate numbers.

route add -net have been done
route add default eth0
route add default eth0

Did all the route commands found in NET-2-HOWTO.  Also did what was found in
Essential System Administration by O'Reilly.  Nothing works.


        A great big thank you very very much for even a response, or pointers
(say, isn't there a linux consulting company or something like that?  Anyone
know their number?)



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