TCP/IP connection problems b/w Window/Solaris/Linux

TCP/IP connection problems b/w Window/Solaris/Linux

Post by Tor Slettne » Thu, 04 Sep 1997 04:00:00

    Robert> Hi, I've been trying to connect a Windows '95 box to a
    Robert> Solaris box for the last two months or so. The Windows box
    Robert> has a 3com 3c509b card.  I also have a dial up interface
    Robert> on the Windows box.  I've configured both machines in the
    Robert> standard fashion, but I cannot get them to talk to each
    Robert> other through tcp/ip yet.  The windows i.p. is
    Robert> and the sun box is and the network mask is set
    Robert> to Oh, I'm also using a crossover cable
    Robert> between the two boxes. (I tried a linksys 5 port hub, but
    Robert> I didn't get any activity to show up on the sun at all
    Robert> when I used it.)

First of all, these addresses look suspect.  Are these indeed valid
Internet IP addresses?  If not (i.e. if you are going to use them only
on a local network), use a series of IP addresses that are reserved
for this purpose, such as the 192.168.x.x (Class C) IP addresses,
also with netmask 255.255.255.y (y=0, usually).

Also, you mention that the Windows machine has two interfaces (one
dial-up and one ethernet).  Are the routing tables setup correctly?
In Win95, this would be done automatically if you use the addresses
above with e.g. a netmask.  On the Solaris box, you can
check out which interfaces are available via the command
'ifconfig -a' (as root).  You should see 'lo0' (localhost) and 'hme0'
(ethernet connection 0).

    Robert> If I try to telnet from the pc to the sun, the dial-up
    Robert> interface dialogue pops up instead of going to the
    Robert> sun. I'm not sure if the pc is saavy enough to deal with
    Robert> two tcp/ip interfaces.

It is.  I am doing it at home; one of my PCs is running Win95 or Linux
in turn, acting as a proxy and/or masquerading gateway; the other is a
Win95 client.

    Robert> Ping on both machines times out when trying to reach each
    Robert> other.

You said you see activity on the Sun station when you boot your PC;
does the Sun know how to route the packets back to the PC though?
Again, check your routing tables via 'ifconfig -a'.

Also, even though your cable may have a working TX from your PC and RX
on your Sun, it may not be working the other way around (Assuming an
RJ-45/Base-T plug, not a BNC/Coax/Base-2).

    Robert> p.s. I've also tried going from Linux to the Sun but with
    Robert> no better luck.

Seems that your sun may be having lacking routing information.



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