named: preventing to connect to root-servers?

named: preventing to connect to root-servers?

Post by Thomas Kei » Wed, 14 Oct 1998 04:00:00


I have a problem with named:

I set up a LAN in a little company to make email be available in the whole
The network is connected to the internet via an ELSA LANCOM Office 2000
router, which establishes a connection to the POP just on demand - to reduce
telephone costs.

I also have a named running, the problem is now that it establishes a
connection to the root-servers the moment I start it and keeps it open, thus
the router won't hang up anymore.
I already tried to manually get the most actual root-lists and have a
complete table of all (internal) machines, but the connection still doesn't
How can I prevent named to establish a connection, and, if this is possible,
how can I keep the tables for outgoing requests up-to-date?

Thanks for your help


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Hello all,

I have a Windows 95 desktop machine, two windows 95 laptops and a Linux RedHat
5.2 desktop machine.

They're all networked together through a 10baseT hub.

I really would like to get *one* BIND name server running on the Linux box and
just turn on DNS on all the windows 95 machines and have them all do their
name resolution by using the named server running on the LInux box.

I have successfully set up name servers before but they were on machines that
had access to larger networks. So I would set up the nameserver to be a
chaching nameserver responsible for all lookups on, say, domain and
tell it..."go get all non local domain/zone lookups from name server".

Now that I have a small network in my house that is not connected to anything
in the outside world, I obviously do not have access to a root level name
server. I have been fighting with the named that ships with RedHat 5.2 for
over a month now to behave correctly. I want it to serve up all the names for
my local domain in my house...that it I was it to correctly resolve
ftp,www,server1,server2,etc. for the domain, but I also have to tell
it that there is no root level name server so if you don't have the lookup for
the requested anem locally, just bail, don't try asking the root level name

The named which shipped with RedHat 5.2 was named 8, so it uses the
/etc/named.conf file for cofiguration in that funky new format. It completely
ignores /etc/named.boot. I have configured the named.conf file and I have
created zone files for localhost and forward lookups and also
reverse lookups. I have tried both turning on the file functionality
and turning it off. In all cases, when named starts, it complains to syslog
that it cannot locat eroot name server and that it will forward all outside
requests to

After that, when I run nslookup on anything, nslookup says that named
complains that it cannot get a rise out of the network therefore the
named server is failing and no lookup is done.

DOes anybody out there have any successful setups for a root level named
server that is version 8 or later (i.e. uses the names.conf file). I really
need to copy this example bacause I have tried everything and still cannot get
the name server to behave correctly and serve up named for my loca network!!

THank you.

Dan TEodor

PS: WHen posting replies, please CC to my e-mail as well since I read my
e-mail more often than I read the newsgroups.

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