Ipchains abnormal behavior

Ipchains abnormal behavior

Post by Nathanael Noble » Fri, 12 Nov 1999 04:00:00

Hello, I posted earilier about  my linux box being used as a firewall
masquerader. I got it all working. I tested every protocol I needed to use
Ftp, http, telnet etc... Well I was ex-static it had finally worked. Well I
went to work and worked the morning and came home for lunch went to look at
some pages and it wasn't working anymore. I logged into my linux box. the
ipchains rules hadn't changed but it no longer worked. Any thoughts?

Nathanael Noblet
Partners in Motion - Production Assistant


1. Abnormal Ipchains behavior

I have a redhat 6.1 system running on a 24 network cablemodem. It
masquerades my win9x machine on a 192.168 network. It works fairly well. All
but one little problem. It is periodical. When the system sits for awhile it
stops working. The best way I have found is to telnet from my 192 address to
the 24 address. That's the only thing that wakes up the system. Any
thoughts. If I ping or use http or mail or anything else I just get time
outs. I was wondering if anyone has any ideas what is causing this.


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