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I have been *ing about the Netgear FA310TX D1 chipset for 2 months.
I finally just got it to work.  I put one card in (was trying to use
two) and used the v.89 revision of tulip.c.  The machine still will not
work with two Netgear cards installed, but at least one is now

Thanks to those that offered suggestions, ranging from calling a witch
doctor to having me mail them the card for testing.



1. PPP finally working; now how do I keep it from working?

After several days, I finally (with the assistance of several people) got a connection to the
internet.  I'm able to use Netscape for browsing, mail, newsgroups.  After I close Netscape and
"kill" the dial-up, the dial-up automatically launches after a few seconds.  The only way I've
learned to terminate this activity is to shutdown X.

There must be another way.

Also, is there a way to have the dial-up automatically start upon launching Netscape?  Likewise, can
I get the dial-up to close after closing Netscape without having to resort to killing the process?


John McKee

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