Pipeline75 into Courier I-modem

Pipeline75 into Courier I-modem

Post by Peter E. Fr » Tue, 16 Dec 1997 04:00:00

> I've had some hell getting this combo to work.  I use the I-modem in a
> terminal adapter fashion, to recieve calls from my Pipeline75.
> Currently, everything works with the exception of establishing an MP, or
> 128k, connection to the I-modem.  I dial into the I-modem, establish a
> 64k connect, and thats it. When the pipe tries to dial a second time to
> open the B2, I receive a cause code 17, which indicates a busy.  I even
> had the telco hunt that ISDN line, so it should never get that.

  Have you verified that?  Which B channel does the I-Modem dial out
with (data)?  Do you dial it first?  Does the POTS port on the I-Modem
(assuming your model has one) pick up the other B?

Quote:> This
> leads me to believe that my I-modem may be unable to handle it.  I've
> talked to Ascend SEVERAL times, and today, they explained that my best
> bet was to enable 'MP' on both sides, and that protocol should pass on
> all the data needed to connect the pipeline into the I-modem on both
> channels. I'm currently on hold (for the last hour) waiting on a USR
> tech.  Hopefully this one won' be nearly as rude as the last one.

  Hmmm...  Have you tried all of the PPP flavors on the Pipe?  Do you
have dynamic bandwidth off and turbo PPP on on the I-Modem?  Which
firmware are you running?

Quote:> Has ANYONE had success with this combination?  I'm about ready to throw
> this USR in the trash.

  Let me know when and where...
  I've used an I-Modem many times to dial a MAX, but never have dialed
it, except for some x2 tests (kinda neat, but kinda worthless).
  Have you thought of posting to <comp.dcom.isdn>...?

Peter E. Fry