Can tcpdump monitor the ppp interface?

Can tcpdump monitor the ppp interface?

Post by Al Longye » Sat, 14 Jan 1995 11:51:49

>I've compiled the latest tcpdump, and enabled what I thought was support
>for PPP.  When I try to use it, however, I get:
>fire~# tcpdump -i ppp0
>tcpdump: snoop: unknown physical layer type
>Is there a way to fix this?


Quote:>Am I missing something obvious?

Did you apply the two patches to the version 3.0 code? Both patches
are on

In addition, you should use the "-p" flag to prevent the
point-to-point devices from trying promisc mode.

The tcpdump program will monitor the IP protocol since it is only this
protocol which will go through the hooks for tcpdump. The PPP protocol
suite for LCP, CHAP, PAP and IPCP are traced using the 'debug' mode.



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