Idiot newbie having ISP connectivity probs..

Idiot newbie having ISP connectivity probs..

Post by Squi » Sat, 06 May 2000 04:00:00

Ok, I'm computer savvy (PC Tech) and want to learn Linux; finally got
LinuxMandrake 7 to configure right, sound seems to work, and X is running,
however I cannot log onto my ISP.  kppp just gives me an arcane error
message (unknown error or something to that effect).  I've done this in my
sleep in Windows and know Linux is totally different, I don't have any doc
files on this tho.  oh wait I forgot about the HOWTO directory LOL  Oh well
any help is appreciated. :-)

1. monitor probs from idiot newbie

Just installed Redhat 6.1 on my system and all is
fine, except that I can't get X Windows to work.

I have a compatible video card (S3 Corporation's
Trio 3D/2X) but am wondering about my monitor,
which is Hansol corporation's E15BL.

When I do StartX I get a lot of vaguely monitor
related error messages.

My questions are:
(1) is it the monitor? what can I do about it?
(2) what settings should I enter on my
XFree86Config file?
(3) - this will sound stupid, but - how do I
actually edit my XFree86Config file?

(yes... that's right I am rather new to this.)

responses via email to davidhjatmaildotcom would
be much appreciated.

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